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Biography / 20+ years journey

Miro was founded in Farum, Denmark in 1990 by Steen Thøttrup and Mads Arp.

In August 1991 came the first release of a double A-side Energy / Mystery on COMA Records. Energy made the dance charts in Denmark with its hard techno sounds and shouting by Steen. Mystery with its more trancy feel made its run in Europe and appeared in a lot of dance charts in Frankfurt and Benelux, at Dj Miss Moneypenny's chart at No 1 and was licensed to the Music Man label for Benelux.

This success brought them their first gig at the first 'real' rave in Denmark, Subwave. 1500 people cramped in,in a warehouse on the harbour front of Copenhagen.
Steen & Mads both moved to London and met up with the producer team behind 93's biggest dance anthem, Gat Decors. Simon Hanson and Laurence Nelson. They heard the Pure Silk demo, and 2 weeks later the first promos were on the street with the B side called El Salvador.

Pete Tong played Pure Silk it on the essential selection and the week after it was the essential new tune', because of the reaction ....!!! Buzz chart, cool cuts etc Pure Silk entered them all, and in some even at no. 1, so the boys where celebrating. It later peaked at no. 78 in the official UK chart, and made it to number 17 in the official dance chart. Next followed the release of Celebrate with a feature from the english singer, Eddy, later signed to the Positiva label......

That led to a live pa at the Ministry of Sound at their friday club 'Open all Hours'. Miro made a new track as intro, and because the whole place went completely mad, this track was then released with the title Spaceman. This was back to the more hard trance and with no vox. It turned out later to be one of the top 3 dance classics in the Benelux ever, and was re-released in 1998 and again in 2002....!!!

Then came a double A-side named Orient Express / Metropolis which was released on a sub label to Effective called Paige Pressing, named after Simons daughter. After that a re-release of Pure Silk was ready to be put out, promos ready, then the disaster happened Effective Records went bust!! R.I.P.....

Emotions of Paradise came out on Cafe Del Mar Volume Tres compiled by the legendary Ibiza based ambient DJ Jose Padilla. This track has later been voted the fifth best ambient track ever by present Cafe Del Mar resident, DJ Bruno Lepetre, and has been licensed to more than 20 ambient albums around the world.
Spaceman was licensed to Dance Opera, Benelux, then followed by Orient Express.

Miro met up with Red Jerry of Hooj Choons and signed with them by the end of 1997. Miro had teamed up with singer Julie Harrington and her songwriter partner Gary Butcher, brought together by mutual publishing company, Notting Hill Music. Together they made the song, Paradise which was released on Hooj Choons in May 1998. This song was licensed to a host of dance compilations, including Paul Oakenfolds: Global Underground 007, and the Renaissance club compilation (with 2 mixes mixed together..).

Then followed a remix of Greece 2000, Three Drives, where Miro added vocals to the original, and made the 7' radio mix, which peaked at No.12 in the official UK Top 40 chart.

By your Side was finally released in 2002 almost 3 years after the first white labels .

In 2003 came the release of The one I run to on Skyline records, and and appearence on Cafe del Mar Vol 9 with the track The Cure. The Cure has since been on Ultra Records Ultra Chilled 4.

In 2004 By Your Side has been remixed by the german trance maestro's Ronski Speed and Sonorous and been released for a second time on Euphonic Records.

They also record under the names of Colours where they had big succes in 2002 with 'The Guitar Track' and the name Orange of which they have appeared on Cafe del Mar Dreams vol 2 and with the track Remember Me on Brother Brown Records.


Miro - Paradise



Ministry of Sound