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Ananda Shankar vs Arp - Universal Appeal

Ananda Shanker vs Arp - Universal Appeal (album)
  • 01 : Silent presence
    02 : Universal Appeal
    03 : Ovation.
    04 : Spiritual Pilgrimage
    05 : Consolation
    06 : Journey
    07 : Confession.
    08 : Moving souls
    09 : Vibration
    10 : Crying heart
    11 : Awakening
    12 : Divine love
    13 : Lamentation

Written by Ananda Shankar & Mads Arp

Published by Notting Hill Music

for more info contact: info@nottinghillmusic.com

Ananda Sankar (1942 – 1999)

Son of Uday and Amala Shankar, Ananda, in the words of a critic, “was an original musician of the word before the term world music was invented.” Trained in Indian classical music and subsequently exposed to western trends, he pioneered a distinctive sound : vibrant new age music, capable of breaking barriers between races, cultures and generations.

Not confined by the fetters of the archaic and the conventional, decades ahead of its time when first unleashed in the world of music, Ananda’s creative efforts retain their originality and appeal even today. He has given the world a repertoire of music heard regularly over the radio, on television, at plays, on airlines, at fashion shows and in films and of course during performances by the Centre of Performing Arts founded by him.

Picture, logo and text taken from www.anandashankar.com


Universal Appeal

This is a fascinating collaboration between Ananda Shankar and Mads Arp. Their publishing company Notting Hill Music handed over never released recordings of the late Ananda Shankar to Mads Arp of Miro and Remote and gave him free range to create.

The outcome is 13 fantastic sounding tracks that keep the original feel and intensity. The original recordings of Ananda are respected with the addition now of Arp's reknown chill out vibe.

The album 'Universal Appeal' can be described as Ibiza meets India : indian chillout.